Canucks Like Rock Band

At least in multiplayer mode, and especially on the drums:

Finally, there’s a game for all of us who grew up dreaming of becoming Ringo Starr instead of Jimi Hendrix. OK, no one has ever dreamed of that. But while drummers often lack the rock star mystique their axe-wielding counterparts enjoy in the real world, in “Rock Band” it’s just as much fun to pound on the drums as it is to play the guitar.

Hey, imagine that. Playing drums can actually be as fun as playing guitar. And much better that fiddling with that plastic flippy thing on the guitar, playing drums in Rock Band might actually make you a real player.

By the time you hit expert, you’ll be drumming something very close to the song’s actual patterns. Harmonix has even suggested on its website that if you can play the game on the hardest setting, you can essentially play the drums.

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