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  • Welcome Back

    Well, damn. It’s been a hot minute since BDT has posted here (actually, it’s been about 6,307,000 minutes), but we’ve kicked the dust off the server and are happy to get back to obsessing about drums, drummers, and drumming.

    What have we been up to over the last decade? The usual stuff: marriages, divorces, new jobs, new gigs, new homes in different states, new passions/hobbies/addictions. Hair is a little more gray and a lot more gone. Pretty much everything, in fact, has changed a couple or three times, but the one thing that remained the same was our love for playing drums.

    Same as you probably.

    So it’s about time we start writing about and photographing them again. We hope you’ll click on over every day to see what we are up to. If you have any press releases or drum rumors to share, please hit us up.

    And please excuse some of the mess you might come across. We’re fixing up broken links (it’s positively incredible how many sources have disappeared over the years) and tracking down missing images and working on a new look and logo.

    But enough with the whining. Let’s talk some drum-thumping bollocks!