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  • Evelyn Glennie Endorses Hammerax…

    And she was also inducted into the PAS hall of fame a few weeks ago, but we’re actually more jazzed about the endorsement. We first posted about Hammerax’s cymbals months ago, when the Whipcrash was unveiled, and were duly impressed with the company’s innovation and creativity. Dame Glennie apparently was too. She says:

    Life begins with sound and ends with sound. The sense of curiosity that percussionists have seems to be forever magnified and there’s no question that Hammerax has made it a commitment to stretch our imagination and curiosity beyond words. The range of products is fantastic with so many possibilities for their use in countless different musical contexts. I have no limits as to how I use these products—they are simply a great addition to my already expansive range of instruments.

  • The Hammerax Whipcrash

    Cymbal maker (or rather “sound maker”) Hammerax produces some way creative instruments—the Boomywang, the Dustbowl, and the Meanie, just to name a few. The latest member of the funky family is the Whipcrash, a heavy crash cymbal branded with an “S-shaped array of hammered microcups” that can be raked with a stick for various sound effects. You can check out how it and Hammerax’s other products sound here [2022 update: alas, Hammerax’s site is down or kaput].

    You just know Terry Bozzio is creaming his jeans over these things….Wonder when that Sabian endorsement is up?….