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  • New Soundcasters From Meinl

    Made from a B12 bronze alloy, the new line of Soundcaster Fusion cymbals from Meinl features two types of lathing to produce a sound described as “rich, full, and warm with enhanced wash and a relatively short sustain.”

    Available models and prices are below:

    • 10″ Splash: $204
    • 14″ Medium Hi-Hat: $570
    • 16″ Medium Crash: $370
    • 18″ Medium Crash: $440
    • 18″ China: $440
    • 20″ Medium Ride: $510
    • 20″ Powerful Ride: $510
    • 22″ Powerful Ride: $640

  • Meinl Foot Cabasa

    Put your lowly cabasa player out of job with Meinl’s new foot bling. The clever little pedal allows you to play cabasa rhythms with your foot while your hands are free for conga, timbale, or kit thumping. It features a steel-chain drive, a stainless steel cylinder within a wooden cabasa body, and a black powder-coated pedal. The instrument can also be set to sound on downstrokes only or both upstrokes and downstrokes. It’s all yours for a $259 MSRP.

  • Benny Greb at Meinl Drum Festival 2008

    Meinl has given the drummingverse a major treat by posting this new vid of the superbly grooving Benny Greb. The performance was captured at this year’s Meinl drum festival, and it features a tune from Greb’s upcoming CD. Two more videos will be released over the next few days. We’ll of course embed them all here at DC for your viewing pleasure.

  • Meinl Drum Festival Webcams

    Couldn’t make it to Germany for the Meinl Drum Festival that starts tomorrow? No, we couldn’t either, but thankfully the fine folks at Meinl have set up four webcams that snap a live picture every minute (no vid stream, alas). The drummer lineup includes Benny Greb (yes!) and Johnny Rabb.

    [Update: the cams are down.]

  • Meinl Has Great Videos

    Have you thumpers visited Meinl’s site recently? The design is slick and clean, the information is well organized, and the updates are easy to locate—goddamn miracles for a cymbal (or drum!) company site. Our favorite part, though, is the video section. It’s not yet chock-full of content in the manner of blessed YouTube, but it’s got some awesome stuff, like this behind-the-kit view of Eron Bucciarelli slamming a Hawthorne Heights tune.

    [Update: the dedicated video section appears to be gone. A major bummer because the content was really quite good.]

  • Meinl’s Fat Hats

    Developed with input from groove dude Flo Dauner, Meinl’s new Fat Hats are 16 inches of B10-alloy loudness. Meinl also describes the sound of the cymbals as low pitched and dark, but we’re still putting our hard-earned sou on that “loud” part.