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  • PDP’s Blackout Snare Drums

    PDP, the company that pretty much turned the drum industry on its head by first offering affordable maple-shell drums, has just added some new snares to its line of inexpensive bangables. The Blackout series features, as you likely guessed from its cryptic name, a super slick black-on-black maple lacquered shell. Models are available in the following sizes: 6″ x 10” (retail $218.99), 4″ x 13” (retail $272.99), 5″ x 14” (retail $272.99), and 6″ x 14”(retail $272.99). Each drum also comes outfitted with a side-to-side throw-off, oval lugs, and Remo heads.

    These snares look so cool, we’re going to go ahead and start a rumor: when is the full Blackout kit coming?

  • New PDP Platinum Finishes

    The Platinum series is PDP’s flagship line, with 8-ply North American maple shells, double-oval tube lugs, and now a bevy of new finishes. Over 20 were introduced at NAMM 2009. Three that get our sticks hard: Camo Glass FinishPly, Blue to Black Burst Satin Oil, and Vintage Sunburst Satin Oil (shown below).

  • PDP’s x7 Drums Get Upgraded

    PDP’s x7 line of drums used to be made with poplar shells, but now it’s sporting all-maple tubs—a definite sonic and cosmetic improvement. Here’s an example of one of the new kits in a sparkly Elphaba green (which isn’t an officially sanctioned PDP color designation, of course):

  • Two New PDP Snare Drums

    It wasn’t just big brother DW unveiling cool stuff at NAMM this year. PDP had a sweet duo of new snares on show as well. The details are slim at this point, but we do have the all-important drum porn below. The first snare is the Rat Rod, a 14″ x 6.5″ maple drum in a matte black lacquer finish. It also includes very stylish tube lugs. The second snare is called the Woody and features an all-maple 14″ x 6.5″ shell, maple wood hoops, and tube lugs.