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  • Grover Pro Percussion Won’t Raise Prices in 2009

    [Press Release]

    Grover Pro Percussion announces that they will have no price increases for their Grover line of concert percussion products in 2009, despite rising material costs and the state of the U.S. economy.

    “I know that our retail partners and customers are feeling the pinch due to economic conditions,” states Neil Grover, President and Founder of Grover Pro Percussion. “We’ve made the investment in efficiency improvements that allow us to hold 2008 pricing,” continues Grover. “As we enter 2009, I know that our customers will really appreciate our holding 2008 pricing. They will know that Grover Pro Percussion is not only sensitive to the market condition, but that we value the shared interests of our retail partners. Holding 2008 pricing is a great way to show our commitment to the percussion marketplace,” comments Grover.

    “Our ability to hold pricing really shows our customers that we care about them,” states Jim Simonian, Worldwide Director of Sales. “It’s important that our customers know that we not only make the world’s finest percussion products, but that we understand the retail side of the business,” continues Simonian. “The fact is that we actually are lowering pricing on two of our products; woodblocks and chime mallets, how many companies can claim that?” Simonian queried.

  • Meinl Foot Cabasa

    Put your lowly cabasa player out of job with Meinl’s new foot bling. The clever little pedal allows you to play cabasa rhythms with your foot while your hands are free for conga, timbale, or kit thumping. It features a steel-chain drive, a stainless steel cylinder within a wooden cabasa body, and a black powder-coated pedal. The instrument can also be set to sound on downstrokes only or both upstrokes and downstrokes. It’s all yours for a $259 MSRP.

  • Tata Guines Has Died

    Tata Guines, “King of the Congas,” died today in Havana. He was 77.

  • Trash Orchestra

    Percussion, protests, performance art? Fuck yeah!

    Trash Orchestra is using their banging skills to make the world a better place. Or at least piss a whole lot of people off. Here’s what they got to say:

    Trash Orchestra is a marching percussion band – a bone-shaking recycled orchestra. We make percussion on tuned cans, hubcaps and barrels, drums, pieces of sheet metal, and homemade oddities. We show up at demonstrations and performances, sometimes invited, sometimes not, to make a big noise wherever it is needed.

    We have experience working with kids, fighting cops, taking streets, entertaining crowds, tearing up a house show, leading parades and marches, spicing up an anarchist cafe, or crashing the local farmer’s market. We want to play with you.

    Check ’em out here.

    [via Santa Cruz Indymedia]