Category: ProMark

  • Joey Jordison Stick Bag

    ProMark has just unveiled Joey Jordison’s signature stick bag. It has the usual bag stuff: pockets on the inside, pockets on the outside, a handle, a zipper. You can use it to transport sticks and things.

    The remarkable bit is the rather haunting half-image of Joey in his badass Slipknot mask. Just show up with this on your jazz gig. We dare you.

  • Pro-Mark Introduces New Drumstick Packaging

    All those different models and all those different numbers—7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 707, 747, etc. How’s a young slammer, and even some of us crusty oldbies, supposed to quickly and easily understand the difference between each stick and find the one that feels best? Pro-Mark has got an idea: this summer, the drumstick company will begin packaging its 200+ models according to diameter. Model names and numbers will stay the same, but each pair will come bundled in a color-coded cardboard label that designates thickness, from Small (like a 7A) to Double Extra Large (like a 3S).

    So with worrisome width out of the way, you got only wood, taper, tip style, and finish to figure out. See ya in 20 years.