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  • Spaun Edgevent Drum Kit at NAMM 2009

    We wrote about Spaun’s Edgevent kit back in August of last year, and I got a tragically brief bit of stick time with one at NAMM 2009. It’s a great-sounding set of drums…and it looks cool to boot. Our in-the-wild Edgevent pics are below. Check out BDT’s full Spaun gallery on Flickr.

  • Spaun’s Edgevent Kits

    Forget about vintage gear. The contemporary drums that manufacturers are busting out with are infinitely more exciting and creative. Check out, for example, this Edgevent kit from Spaun. The drums feature a unique “shell within a shell” design that’s not just for crazy looks. The outer shell holds all the parts (lugs, spurs, strainer, butt, etc.) and also has outside holes for venting. The inner shell has no holes and no parts attached, so it resonates independently from the outer shell for a big, fat sound. Because all Edgevent sets are custom built, with a nearly unlimited choice in sizes, finishes, and options, we can’t tell you exactly how much a kit will pummel your bank account. But we’re pretty sure it will be worth it.

  • Spaun Unleashes New Signature Snare

    Built to the ear-shattering specifications of Inferno, Spaun’s new signature snare is a 14″ x 8″ beast with an 18-ply shell—10 outer plies of maple and 8 inner plies of birch. It comes outfitted with custom graphics, black die-cast hoops, Spaun’s exclusive solid-brass lugs, and a Gunmetal Metallic finish. The MSRP weighs in at a hefty $1,350, so take a good look at the drum below: it’ll probably be as close as you get to actually owning one.