Category: Vic Firth

  • American Classic Vic Grip Hickory Drumsticks

    A bunch of Vic Firth’s American Classic models now come outfitted with a Vic Grip, a new antislip drumstick coating made from an ecofriendly, water-based urethane. It provides a comfortable and slip resistant grip that is specially formulated to be extremely durable. You can grab a pair at your local drum shop, or just click here for some “Buy Now” options on Vic Firth’s site.

  • Vic Firth Back in Black

    Vic Firth’s venerable 5A and 5B sticks now come totally swanked out in a classic black finish. Steve Gadd model, not so smug now, are you?

  • Lenny White’s Signature Stick

    Every Tom, Dick, and Travis has a signature stick these days, so it’s about time living-legend Lenny White got one too. With an appropriately white shaft, his Vic Firth signature whacker is 16″ long and has a .580″ diameter, which is somewhere between a 5A and a 5B for those of us who don’t speak metric too well.

    Vic Firth has also posted some really interesting vids of Lenny jawing about drums and drumming here. There’s even a classic live clip of Return to Forever from 1976.

    [Update 2022: Damn it, the vids are no longer active on Vic Firth’s site.]

  • New Vic Firth Video: Vinnie Paul

    Hell yeah! Vinnie Paul is the subject of this week’s Vic Firth video podcast. Vinnie chats a little about his influences, how he got started playing double bass, and (surprise, surprise) his new signature stick.

  • Vic Firth Video Podcasts

    Sweet fucking Jesus, a gear company is finally figuring out this whole Web thing. Vic Firth is posting weekly video podcasts on iTunes as well as on its site here. This week’s entry features Omar Hakim at PASIC 2007.

    [Update 2022: These vids have all moved, as far as I can tell, to Vic Firth’s channel on YouTube. The Omar Hakim vid looks like it has been reposted in slightly higher vid quality. Progress!]