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  • Buy Bobby Jarzombek’s Drums

    If you’ve always wanted to own a little piece of metal drumming history, now’s your chance. Bobby Jarzombek is selling the Pearl Masters kit he used on a couple of Halford albums and tours. Here are the details straight from Bobby and his MySpace page:

    Well, the time has come to “thin out the herd” so to speak. With my move back to San Antonio I was trying to figure out what to take with me and what to leave out in Cali. One thing I have decided to part with is my PEARL Masters Custom Maple drumset (comes with the Pearl Icon rack system) even though I have a strong sentimental attachment to it due to the memorable music that I created on it.

    The reason I am now selling the kit—other than lack of space—is because I changed drum companies a couple of years ago (I am with DW/PDP now and no longer endorse Pearl) and I haven’t been using it much at all since. I’m thinking of putting it on eBay but before I do that I figured I’d let a Halford fan or drum enthusiast among my MySpace friends have first crack at it.

    There is quite a bit of metal history connected to this kit: I recorded HALFORD – ‘Live Insurrection’ (various tracks), HALFORD – ‘Crucible’, and ROB ROCK – ‘Holy Hell’ with it and used it live with HALFORD touring in the US, Canada, and South America on the ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Crucible’ tours, including the 2000/2001 tour with Iron Maiden and Queensryche and the ‘Rock In Rio’ show in Brazil that’s about it be released on DVD. It can also be seen in the ‘Betrayal’ video.

    This is a great sounding kit and still in very good condition (I got it in 2000) except for the standard “wear and tear” from being on the road. No major war wounds though. I have posted a number of photos of the drumset so click here to take a closer look.

    (2) 24″ Bass Drums
    10″ Mounted Tom
    12″ Mounted Tom
    14″ Mounted Tom
    16″ Floor Tom
    14″ Snare Drum

    * The drum color is ‘black mist’
    * All Pearl drums have serial numbers
    * The (3) rack toms are suspended using the Pearl OptiMount Suspension System
    * The rack toms and floor tom are equipped with Pearl MasterCast Die-Cast Hoops
    * The snare drum is a 5 x 14 Remo MasterEdge snare drum which I used as my main backup snare
    * All drums are fitted with brand new Evans drumheads

    The extended rack system includes:
    * (8) leg assemblies w/ stabilizer feet, (4) long front and side mounting bars, (2) medium mounting bars for back cymbals + (1) very short front middle mounting bar
    * (13) pipe clamps for an easy setup and locking of the tom arms and cymbal booms
    * (3) tom arms featuring the Pearl Uni-Lock System
    * (10) cymbal booms (6 long and 4 short) allowing for multiple configurations and angles for mounting cymbals (cymbals not included)
    (2) Pearl Eliminator Pedals
    Pearl snare stand
    Pearl hi-hat stand

    The kit is currently in storage in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles; I would prefer to find a buyer in the area who can pick it up as I’d rather not ship it.

    If you are located outside of SoCal and can’t pick up the kit in person shipping costs would obviously have to be added to the selling price.
    I am asking $3,500 for the complete drumset and drum rack system. Interested parties please contact me at bobbyspearlkit@yahoo.com.