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  • Mapex Unleashes Chris Adler Signature Snare

    [Press Release]

    Mapex USA has announced the release of its first-ever signature snare with the introduction of the Chris Adler Signature snare drum. The walnut-shelled snare drum is inspired by the Lamb of God drummer’s first Black Panther snare, which he purchased for himself in 1995.

    The drum’s every detail is meticulously designed to Adler’s specifications. From the thin premium walnut shell, to the signature graphic (designed by Lamb of God designer K3n), to Chris’s personal choice of high-quality Aquarian drumheads (HE12 batter head and CCSN12 snare head.)

    The drum’s shell is 12″ x 5.5″, 5.1mm thick, and has 2.3mm Mapex Powerhoops. The drum’s hardware is black chrome plated. The inside of each drum is labeled with a commemorative sticker that identifies the instrument.
    “The size of the drum mixed with a high-tension, high-energy head creates a unique, high pitched, yet full bodied punch that has become a signature sound in my playing and in the band’s catalog,” said Adler upon his approval of the final prototype.

    The Chris Adler Signature Snare Drum (BPML2550BCA) carries an MSRP of $522.99.