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  • More Gil Sharone Info

    So is Gil Sharone really leaving Dillinger Escape Plan? Um, maybe. DEP guitarist Ben Weinman said today:

    He didn’t leave and we didn’t kick him out. He will be busy though working with his other band [Stolen Babies] a lot over the next year so I am talking to other dudes both for Dillinger possibilities and just for me to play with on other creative projects. We still may be touring and writing with Gil though. Kinda in the air. No big drama though or anything.

  • Gil Sharone Leaving Dillinger Escape Plan?

    Metal Hammer is reporting that Gil Sharone might be vacating the DEP throne. The band hasn’t confirmed or denied the possibility yet, but if that rumor wasn’t eye-stopping enough for you, then check this one out: Raanen Bozzio, son of none other than uberthumper Terry Bozzio, is at the head of the line to take over Dillinger drumming duties.