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  • Audition for the Smashing Pumpkins

    Think you got what it takes to sit on Jimmy’s throne? Then sharpen your best pair of sticks and step on up: Billy Corgan is holding open auditions for a new Pumpkins drummer. Auditions will take place Friday, April 10, 2010, in Los Angeles. All requirements—including photograph/headshot, background info, and links to digital files—must be sent via e-mail to pumpkinsdrummer@gmail.com.

    Soon you shall call me master.

  • Why Did Jimmy Chamberlin Leave the Smashing Pumpkins?

    That’s what everyone wondered when it was announced last week that he was out of the band. Looking no doubt to quash all the sure-to-be-insane rumors, Jimmy himself answered the question on his site:

    By now you have heard the news of my departure from the Smashing Pumpkins. I will say, without going into any unnecessary details that this represents a positive move forward for me. I can no longer commit all of my energy into something that I don’t fully possess. I won’t pretend I’m into something I’m not. I won’t do it to myself, you the fan, or my former partner. I can’t just, “Cash the check” so to speak. Music is my life. It is sacred. It deserves the highest commitment at every level and the Pumpkins are certainly no different. I’m sorry but it really IS that simple. There is no drama, bad blood, or anything else but a full commitment to music. My best goes out to Billy and I’m glad he has chosen to continue under the name. It is his right. I will continue to make music with the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex as well as pursuing other musical interests. I feel that I have a long way to go and a lot to give. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support through all of this. I am constantly humbled by all of you! It is an honor and a privilege to play music for a living and I don’t take it for granted not even for a second.

    Stay tuned……. JC

  • Jimmy Chamberlin Will Get His Hands Dirty…

    But it’s for an awesome reason: The Smashing Pumpkins are going to be inducted into Hollywood’s RockWalk. Chamberlin and Billy Corgan will be on hand April 23, 2008, to stick their hands in cement outside the Guitar Center on Sunset. They’ll then perform for the lucky bastards who get inside the store. We’re trying to be one of those lucky bastards, but no one is returning our emails. And we even pretended to be from Modern Drummer. Might just have to settle for this.