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  • Vid Interviews with John Dolmayan

    Music Towers sat down with drummer John Dolmayan to chat about the stuff that’s really important: Warcraft, comic books, and not having to pay state income tax.

    Our only gripe? It appears that John is (sigh) a PC, not a Mac.

    [Update 2022: Agh, it appears that Music Towers is now defunct and the videos have disappeared. Lesson learned: we need to steal these awesome videos and host them ourselves.]

  • John Dolmayan Talks Scars on Broadway

    A lucky bastard over at Artist Direct sat down for a lengthy chat with ex-SOAD’ers Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan about their new band, Scars on Broadway. Described by the interviewer as the “perfect middle ground between Slayer and The Beatles,” Scars sounds like it’s going to be some serious super-awesomeness for us mere mortals, but it’s just drum business as usual for Dolmayan:

    I’m pretty much always in the zone. If you put me behind a drum set right now, I’m in the zone. When I’m playing, the more melodic the music is, the more I feel it. It just becomes like I’m not even in power anymore. It just happens. It’s just a natural thing that happens, like breathing or walking.

    [via Blabbermouth]

  • John Dolmayan Is Back (Almost)

    It was a sad day indeed when System of a Down called it quits went on indefinite hiatus, but drummer John Dolmayan didn’t sit around sobbing into his stick bag. Instead, he joined forces with guitarist Daron Malakian (the big brains behind System) to form a new, hopefully way bitchin’ band—Scars on Broadway. They are currently pitching the group’s debut disc to labels and aiming for a late summer release.