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  • New Morgan Rose Interview

    Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose recently chatted with the site Saw*Kick for over 30 minutes. He dishes on the band’s tour, the departure of guitarist Sonny Mayo, the return of Clint Lowery, and a whole lot more. Download or stream the interview here.

    [Update 2022: Damn it, Saw*Kick is no more. I wonder what they did with their content? It was good stuff.]

  • Morgan Rose Lost His iPhone…

    And almost leaked his band’s new album. He had loaded Sevendust’s soon-to-be-released disc on his iPhone to play for a select few at the recent NAMM show in Los Angeles. All was going well until he forgot the sexy little Apple in a cab. But instead of falling into the claws of some BitTorrent junkie, the phone was found by a Randall employee who got it back to Rose with nary a note missing. Looks like we’ll have to wait until April 1st after all.