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  • Let There Be Drums! Documentary

    Let There Be Drums! is a new drumming documentary that will be released on October 28. The title feels like part command, part exaltation, and part biblical oratory—all of which are appropriate considering that Taylor Hawkins gives one of his last known interviews in the film. In short, it’s looking like a must-see.

    The documentary also features Jason Bonham, Ringo Starr, Stewart Copeland, Chad Smith, Stephen Perkins, Adrian Young, and Tré Cool. And that is very cool indeed.

    If you are feeling brave, you can catch the film in select theaters (I’m still a Covid coward, so no goddamn way), and it will also be available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. I’m not sure, though, if it can be rented or if it is purchase-only at this time. Snag an actual physical DVD, you luddite, on November 1.

    Check out the trailer below.

  • Taylor Hawkins on Top Chef

    Yeah, okay, it’s true: BDT loves Top Chef. And now we’re no longer ashamed to admit it because the Foo Fighters love the show too. The band appeared on this evening’s episode, a Thanksgiving special where the competing chefs divided into two teams to whip up a holiday feast for the Foos. Dave, of course, got a lot of face time and did most of the talking, but Taylor busted out with some heretofore hidden culinary wisdom as well:

    I love the mac and cheese with the bacon bits.

    I don’t like pumpkin foam.

    The mashed potatoes were slightly al dente—meaning not cooked all the way.

    I just don’t like figs and stuff in stuffing.

    That crumble is outrageous.

  • Taylor Hawkins Jams With Rush

    Via Drummerworld comes a video so ridiculously fun I’ve had to change my shorts twice now. It starts as a tom-tastic drum solo from Taylor Hawkins, but about two minutes in, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson take the stage with Hawkins for a really, really, really good version of “YYZ.” Check it out below or click here for a higher-quality YouTube link. And bring baby wipes.

  • Taylor Hawkins Has a Grammy

    Congrats to Hawkins and the other Foos for picking up a Grammy tonight. Their CD Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace won for Best Rock Album, beating out discs by Daughtry (huh), Bruce Springsteen (surprise), John Fogarty (…is he still alive?), and Wilco.