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  • Buddy Rich Concert Pre-Show

    We’ve been playing around with the various camera views available for the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert that will be streamed today at the Drum Channel. The drum cam view and video interface are pictured below. Image quality is very good so far, but we haven’t been able to get an audio sample yet. Sticks crossed for auditory fabulousness.

    [Update 2022: the vid screenshot has alas been lost to time.]

    The show stars at 4:30 p.m. (PST). The concert schedule is as follows:

    • Tommy Igoe performing “Preach & Teach” and “Little Train”
    • John Blackwell performing “No Jive,” “Nuttville,” and “Mind of J”
    • Guitar Center Contest Winner Donnie Marple performing a solo
    • Terry Bozzio performing “Machine,” “Tank!,” and “Some Skunk Funk”
    • Tommy Igoe performing “The Chicken,” “Willowcress,” and “La Fiesta”
    • Nick Rich performing “Buelah Witch” and “Mercy Mercy Mercy.” Also The Beat Goes On with Cathy Rich.
    • Chad Smith performing “Dani California,” “Hocus Pocus,” and “Birdland”
    • Neil Peart performing “Love For Sale,” “Time Will Tell,” “One O’Clock Jump,” and “YYZ”

    Update: Click Channel 5, called “Backstage,” for pre-show chatter with Bozzio et al. Audio seems quite good—a little out of sync every now and then with the video, but quite watchable. This will likely be affected by your connection speed, of course, and how many folks are logged on.

    Update: Terry Bozzio is performing songs from Cowboy Bebop!