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  • Tito Puente Is a Google Doodle

    My cat wakes me up around three this morning by trying to push me out of the plushiest spot on the bed. I go to Google for techniques on how to Obi-Wan Kenobi her (“This is not the spot that you seek”)…and what is that? Tito Puente. Tito is a Google Doodle!

    Holy shit, is it his birthday? Nope. That’s April 20.

    His death day? A bit unnecessarily morbid, but nope again. That’s June 1.

    Is it a recently consecrated celebration of timbales and timelessly kick-ass timbaleros? No, but not totally far off.

    Today is the one-year anniversary of the unveiling of Tito Puente’s monument in East Harlem, New York City. The Doodle commemorates that and is also part of Google’s overall celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, running from September 15 to October 15.

    Puerto Rican artist Carlos Aponte created the Doodle. Check out the well-done-as-usual Behind the Doodle video for some background.

    But for me, Tito on Sesame Street is way more my speed this sleepless morning. I never did get the good spot back from the cat.

  • Tito Puente Remembered

    It’s been eight years since Tito Puente left us, but thankfully he’s in no danger of being forgotten. NPR and drummer/percussionist Bobby Sanabria recently discussed Puente’s life and work, including his seminal album Tito Puente and His Concert Orchestra.