ABBA Drummer, Freakily Dead

ABBA drummer Ola Brunkert was found dead today in Spain. Apparent cause of demise: falling—neck first—on glass from a broken window pane. Authorities believe Brunkert tried to get help after he was gored in the throat but collapsed in his garden and eventually bled to death. An autopsy will be performed, but at this time no foul play is suspected. Just a freaky, thoroughly fucked up, I-wouldn’t-believe-that-if-they-put-it-in-a-movie accident.

Brunkert played on all of ABBA’s albums and also frequently toured with the Swedish sucre sensation. His is even the surprisingly meaty 2 and 4 behind the band’s first hit, “People Need Love”. Check it out below. And no smirking. At least until tomorrow, when we can safely start making fun of ABBA again.

[Update: The London Telegraph is reporting that Brunkert sustained fatal injuries by accidentally walking through a glass door.]

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