Alabama’s Drummer Is Sued…

…to the tune of $202,670. That’s the amount the four other members of Alabama say drummer Mark Herndon was overpaid for merch sales in 2003. The suit is apparently a response to Herndon’s own demand for cash. He feels he’s owed $65,047 from an advance the group was paid against sales of the live CD The Last Stand.

DC’s ill-informed and unrequested advice: play nice, fellas. The lawyers are going to eat up all the cash involved, and at the end of the litigious day, you’ll still just be pissed off and broke.

One response to “Alabama’s Drummer Is Sued…”

  1. mr merchandise Avatar
    mr merchandise

    i love it. “proceeds of net merchadise” were nil. you have to love the accounting systems in live entertainment. all that cash, all that swag, “uhm, no, uhm….no profit at all.”

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