August Muxtape Update

Two new tracks have been added to our August Muxtape. The first is Wally Schnalle’s “I Hear You,” a kind of post-bop duet between sax and drums. Many of you may know Schnalle as the music editor for DRUM! Magazine, but you might not have had the chance to hear him tear it up firsthand. He’s sticks down an amazing player. Also check out this vid of him soloing at Yoshi’s in Oakland.

The second new song is “Bedroom Eyes” from the Josh Dion Band. Dion is the band’s leader, lead singer, and drummer. His groove is incredibly fat, and we love the fact his vocals channel a pretty good amount of soul for a white boy. Maybe there’s some hope.

Here’s the complete Muxtape as of today:

  1. Wally Schnalle, “I Hear You”
  2. Josh Dion Band, “Bedroom Eyes”
  3. One Day As a Lion, “If You Fear Dying”
  4. Stanton Moore, “(Late Night at the) Maple Leaf”
  5. Sunlight Square, “From the Cosmos”
  6. M8, “Graveyard Girl”
  7. Pnuma Trio, “Improv Jam”
  8. Tower of Power, “Can’t You See (You Doin’ Me Wrong)”
  9. Buddy Miles Express, “Spot on the Wall”
  10. Keller Williams, “Restraint”

[Update 2022: Muxtape was a great site that allowed bands and listeners to create “mixtapes” with a limited number of songs that could be streamed directly from Muxtape’s site. It was kind of like a custom Spotify way before Spotify existed.]

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  1. Thanks for the props on the mix tape. keep up the good work

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