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  • New Jason Bittner DVD

    Aw yeah, Hudson Music is about to unleash a new Jason Bittner DVD, What Drives the Beat. It’ll clock in at three hours and feature Bittner demonstrating enough concepts to fill a six-hour DVD:

    • The basic beats and fills of metal drumming
    • Applying rudiments
    • Hand and foot technique
    • Developing both feet evenly
    • Two-handed ride patterns
    • How to “metalfy” jazz, funk, shuffles, slow blues, and world beats
    • Soloing

    Check the vid below for a sneak peek.

  • New Performance Clip From Rush

    The new concert DVD from Neil Peart and the fellows won’t be released until November 25, but a sneak peak of the song “Far Cry” was shown on VH1 last night. Try not to slobber on your monitor.

  • Snakes & Arrows Live

    Good news for all Neil Peart groupies (…yes, we do enthusiastically include ourselves in that category): a new Rush DVD, Snakes & Arrows Live, will be released on November 25. The three-disc set was filmed with 21 high-def cameras in a wide-screen format (!), and it clocks in at 221 minutes (!!).

    Here’s the awesome amount of content listed by disc:

    Disc 1
    “Digital Man”
    “Entre Nous”
    “The Main Monkey Business”
    “The Larger Bowl”
    “Secret Touch”
    “Between The Wheels”

    Disc 1 Extras
    What’s That Smell
    2007 tour outtakes
    What’s That Smell outtakes
    “Far Cry” (alternate cut featuring rear screen footage)
    “The Way The Wind Blows” (alternate cut featuring rear screen footage)
    “Red Sector A” from the R30 Tour

    Disc 2
    “Far Cry”
    “Workin’ Them Angels”
    “Armor And Sword”
    “The Way The Wind Blows”
    “Natural Science”
    “Witch Hunt”
    “Malignant Narcissism — De Slagwerker”
    “Distant Early Warning”
    “The Spirit Of Radio”
    “Tom Sawyer”
    “One Little Victory”
    “A Passage To Bangkok”

    Disc 3
    Oh, Atlanta – The Authorized Bootlegs
    “Ghost Of A Chance”
    “Red Barchetta”
    “The Trees”
    “2112/The Temples Of Syrinx”

  • New John Blackwell DVD

    John Blackwell will be joining Hudson’s Master Series DVDs. So sayeth the press release:

    The three-hour DVD is divided into two main sections. In the first section, Blackwell performs with an all-star band and then explains and demonstrates the drum parts. Not only does the master drummer discuss the way the song and groove evolved along with the specific techniques that are involved in the performance, he demonstrates the patterns at normal and slow speeds to provide students with a deeper, fuller understanding of the parts and their musical context.

    The second part of the program covers topics such as playing musically, grooving and embellishing the groove without over-playing, fills and solos, showmanship and independence as well as Blackwell’s Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop roots. A bonus chapter on bass drum pedal technique featuring a rare appearance by Blackwell’s friend and mentor Marcus Williams is also included.

    No word on a release date or when our review copy will be arriving.