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  • Anderson .Paak Snares From Ludwig for Sell on Reverb

    This here is one seriously sexy drum menage a trois. Anderson .Paak partnered up with Ludwig to create a signature snare line called the Pee .Wee. It includes a 5″ x 14″ and a 6.5″ x 14″ that you can buy right now exclusively at Reverb for $799 and $849, respectively. Each drum is limited to only 250 units, so time is not on your side if you want a piece of .Paak to…ummm…bang.

    The drums look quite cool—nuanced and textured and playful and a little unexpected in the really good way, just like .Paak’s music. Check out the images and the great promo video. I hope more companies and artists do similar marketing vids in the future. It’s nice to see and hear the drum in action and get some laughs along the way.

  • Ringo’s Ludwigs Sell for Over 2 Million Bucks

    Got a few extra millions in Apple stock or Bitcoin? Well, you are too late, you rich bastard, to put in the winning bid on Ringo’s original 1963 Ludwigs. The famous kit was purchased yesterday by the owner of the NFL Colts for $2.25 million.

    Happily, you can still purchase your very own set of new Black Oyster Pearl Ludwigs for only 3 grand or so, but there is absolutely no guarantee you’ll ever record a hit song like “Can’t Buy Me Love” or “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

  • Get a Free Rack Tom From Ludwig

    In honor of its 100th-anniversary year (and perhaps in concession to depression-era economics), Ludwig is announcing the “6/4/5 Program,” which allows up-and-coming players without a whole lot of cash to get a bigger kit. For a limited time, all new Epic, Element Lacquer, and Element series 5-piece sets will include an additional rack tom for free. Three “6/4/5” shell packages are available in each series, with MSRPs ranging from $755 for the Element series, $1,045 for the Element Lacquer, and $1,270 for the Epic line.

  • Ludwig Drums at NAMM 2009

    Remember like five years ago when Ludwig was boring? Venerable, sure—but still as boring as an insurance seminar or a lecture on Mesoamerican basket weaving. Well, shit has changed, thumpers. Celebrating its centennial as a manufacturer of drums, Ludwig came to NAMM with a truly stunning booth that included intriguing new gear and some modern versions of classic kits from the company’s long history. Check out the pics below of Jason Bonham’s anniversary kit (which pretty much borrows everything from papa Bonham’s amber Vistalites), a Neil Peart “Ro Sham Bo” replica, and a little something from a Liverpool lad who recently went nuts. More photos are available in our Ludwig gallery on Flickr. Just bring some wet-naps and a cigarette before you get to clicking.

  • Ludwig’s Corey Miller Signature Drum Kit

    Corey Miller is a star tattoo artist who has lent his inking eye to help create Ludwig’s latest limited-edition kit. The set features a 22″ x 22″ bass drum, 14″ x 7″ snare, 12″ x 8″ rack, 16″ x 14″ floor tom, and of course Miller’s tattoo art on a White Marine Pearloid wrap. No word yet on the price or exactly how limited a “limited-edition” set it is, but we’re betting the drums are not the most wallet friendly on the market today. If you’re tough enough to play these things, though, you’re probably tough enough to steal them. Let us know how the thievery goes.

    By the way, the cool pic of Corey below was taken by Robert Downs, music photographer extraordinaire. We recently sat down for a lengthy chat with Robert about his time behind the camera and what it’s like photographing some of the world’s greatest drummers. Keep your eyes peeled for the interview.

  • New Ludwig Gear

    Not about to let Gretsch get all the drum thunder, Ludwig too has recently announced some new bangables.

    First up is a modernized version of the company’s legendary Black Beauty snares. Featuring the same nickel-plated brass shells as their big bros, the new Black Magic snare drums are outfitted with matching die-cast hoops for increased volume and tube-style lugs for maximum shell resonance. They’ll be available in three sizes—14″ x 5″, 14″ x 6.5″, and 13″ x 7″—and they’ll be priced to move, starting at $489.99.

    Then Ludwig really takes off the gloves with its Centennial series of affordable maple shell packs. The drums boast Ludwig’s new Classic Micro-Lug, Vibra-band mounting system on toms, and 2.3mm drum hoops. The finish options include transparent high-gloss and as well as the new 2mm SuperFlake sparkle lacquers. MSRP starts at “less than $1,400,” which we presume means $1,399. We can’t do the math on what the cock-rock double-kick kit in the second pic below will cost, but we’re certain it’s totally worth it.

  • William F. Ludwig II Has Died

    The guy that put the Ludwig drum company on the map died yesterday at the age of 91. From the press release:

    Bill Ludwig lived a long and productive life and was a mentor to so many percussionists and the music industry. He was a true leader that developed so many percussion products and marketing concepts to promote music and percussion education and further along the advancement of percussion instruments and performance throughout the world.