Ludwig Drums at NAMM 2009

Remember like five years ago when Ludwig was boring? Venerable, sure—but still as boring as an insurance seminar or a lecture on Mesoamerican basket weaving. Well, shit has changed, thumpers. Celebrating its centennial as a manufacturer of drums, Ludwig came to NAMM with a truly stunning booth that included intriguing new gear and some modern versions of classic kits from the company’s long history. Check out the pics below of Jason Bonham’s anniversary kit (which pretty much borrows everything from papa Bonham’s amber Vistalites), a Neil Peart “Ro Sham Bo” replica, and a little something from a Liverpool lad who recently went nuts. More photos are available in our Ludwig gallery on Flickr. Just bring some wet-naps and a cigarette before you get to clicking.

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  1. Mike Adams Avatar
    Mike Adams

    Hello – First time searching your slick site, and thanks for the Ringo cracking comment. I mean – come on!! Just have everything screened by well paid screeners, but don’t go silent on fans forever. If you’re blessed to be that great – and so many would still just like to say thanks….. be a bloke and remain reachable……. Now the question. Do you all have any shots or info on the very latest sets, colors, hardware from oddly named but super sounding Basix?? I have new set of their Custom birchers and am really stunned at the sound for that price – and overall, the quality. They are just, how to say, a little lame in the areas of web info and post sale reachability. ANY info would be great. Cheeers! Mike Adams

  2. Hey there, Mike. Glad you found us and are digging the site. We briefly played on a couple of Basix kits at NAMM, and they do indeed sound surprisingly good. By way of info, though, we weren’t able to get anyone’s attention to have a chat with us. The best we can do is tell you the company is based in China. Unfortunately, the website is no longer active as of 2022. Good luck!

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