Category: WTF

  • Golf Is Stupid

    Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill actually digs golf for some inexplicable reason, but when he tried to play at a fancy (and yet-to-be-named) course in Australia, he was told to cover up his tattoos. The dress code for swinging clubs is apparently much more rigid than for swinging sticks.

    Followill said the course moved from his “bucket list” to the “fuck-it list,” and then continued to have a bit of understandably snarky fun on Twitter.

  • Wii Game for Air Drummers

    Rock Band and Guitar Hero not dumbed down enough for you? Just plug in We Rock: Drum King, a forthcoming Wii game for air drummers.

    Now this guy can look even more jackass-y:

  • Who Played Drums in Foreigner?

    Definitely not some dude named Corey James, a homeless, transient fellow who convinced a chick he was the drummer for Foreigner, promptly stole her Corvette, and then crashed it.


    Why he thought Foreigner was the way to go is beyond us. Everyone knows that women who own Corvettes totally dig Night Ranger. If he had claimed to be Kelly Keagy and just showed her his awesome sweatbands, she would have simply handed the keys over. And perhaps her virginity to boot.

  • Human Drum Teachers Are Still Like So 1973

    Another oblique assault on Dom Famularo comes by way of the FielDrum, an acoustic drum that includes a series of magnets that directs a drummer’s stick into performing a correct pattern. Essentially you just have to hold the damn drumstick and the magnets do the rest.

    …Maybe that’s how Jojo Mayer can do this.

  • Human Drum Teachers Are Like So 1973

    Move over, Dom Famularo. There’s a new robotic wrist-turning thingy in town.

    HAGUS (an altogether unfortunate acronym, reminiscent of Scotland’s traditional heart, liver, and lung repast) is a machine designed to quickly and efficiently teach rhythm. Grab hold of the stick that is attached to the contraption, and your hand is guided by the motor’s motion into playing a perfect beat. Soulless timekeeping will be yours faster than you can say “Marco Minnemann.”

  • Motley Crue Drummer Nikki Sixx?

    Nikki Sixx? A little freakin’ fact checking goes a long way.

    (…I know that one day, probably very soon, I’m going to regret having mentioned that.)

    The Indian site is reporting that “drummer Nikki Sixx” has written about his heroin addiction in a new book.

    Now, I know these dudes are in India, and verifying the drug adventures of aged rock stars is probably low on their list of life concerns (what with all the rioting and rigged elections and stolen nukes), but if a drummer like Tommy Lee, the man with one of the biggest back beats and largest cocks in rock, can’t get his name correctly mentioned in a e-rag published half way around the world, what hope do any of us wee bashers have for, well, anything at all?

    And now somebody will have to tell this poor guy not to Halloween in India.