Motley Crue Drummer Nikki Sixx?

Nikki Sixx? A little freakin’ fact checking goes a long way.

(…I know that one day, probably very soon, I’m going to regret having mentioned that.)

The Indian site is reporting that “drummer Nikki Sixx” has written about his heroin addiction in a new book.

Now, I know these dudes are in India, and verifying the drug adventures of aged rock stars is probably low on their list of life concerns (what with all the rioting and rigged elections and stolen nukes), but if a drummer like Tommy Lee, the man with one of the biggest back beats and largest cocks in rock, can’t get his name correctly mentioned in a e-rag published half way around the world, what hope do any of us wee bashers have for, well, anything at all?

And now somebody will have to tell this poor guy not to Halloween in India.

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