Cindy Blackman Joins Istanbul Agop, Has New Signature Cymbals

Cindy Blackman has joined forces with Istanbul Agop to create a new line of signature cymbals called the OM series. The cymbal line will be unveiled at this year’s NAMM show (stay tuned for our pics!) and will include a 20″ ride, three crashes (16″, 18″, and 20″), and a pair of 15″ hi-hats. From the press release:

The Cindy Blackman OM series was designed in conjunction with Cindy to capture the vibier, more dynamic cymbal sounds from the golden era of jazz. The 22″ ride has a clear, slightly metallic stick due to the unique blue/black finishing and intense hammering, and features a dry, trashy crash sound. The 15″ hi-hats are low, dark and sloshy, with a clear chick and a dark and mellow wash. Crashes are paper thin, with an explosive attack and a quick decay. The 20″ makes a dynamic, yet powerful and versatile left side or crash/ride.

[via Drummer Cafe]

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