Dom Famularo Clinic Review

The guys over at Drummer Connection have posted a longish, picture-replete review of two Famularo clinics. Dom apparently tore it up, and John Blackwell even put in a surprise guest appearance at one of the shows. The thing we really want to know, though, is this: did Dom manage not to knock off his glasses this time?

[Update 2022: Alas, Drummer Connection is no longer active. The site was very cool, especially for the time, so hopefully the owners will revive it at some point. Also, the amazing video of Dom accidentally knocking his glasses off while ripping a drum solo is no longer available, and that sucks because anyone who plays with that much energy always gets mad props from us. It needs to be witnessed. If anyone locates it, please drop a link in the comments.]

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  1. Yes sir! I believe he did. really great guy to meet if you get a chance to make it to any of his pictures.

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