Drummers Ain’t Stupid…

And now there’s a study that proves it. Swedish researchers played a rhythm for a group of 34 participants with no musical training. The 34 newbies were then asked to tap out the same rhythm with a drumstick. Those who best held a steady beat were also those who scored higher on intelligence tests. What gives? According to the article:

The study suggests a biological basis for intelligence related to the regularity of nerve cell activity in the brain….In addition, the researchers found a relationship between high intelligence, the ability to hold a rhythm, and the volume of white matter found in the frontal lobes of the subjects’ brains.

So take that, guitar players. We got science on our side.

2 responses to “Drummers Ain’t Stupid…”

  1. That doesn’t really add up though, does it? That just proves that people with a good sense of rhythm are smarter, but there aren’t many places in a band for people who can’t keep time.
    I mean, even the vocallist is encouraged to have at least a passing glance to the tempo of the music now and again.
    Isn’t the study basically saying that all musicians are smarter than people who aren’t musically talented?

  2. Yes and no. I think the important part here is the idea that “those who best held a steady beat” performed better on intelligence tests. So although other musicians in a band hopefully have some ability to keep time (yes, even a vocalist), it’s generally a given that the drummer is the best timekeeper in a group and thus is the smartest of the bunch (if we’re going to give any credence to the study, that is). But, yeah, you’re right: the implication is also that musicians are smarter than non-musicians. Wonder what Einstein would have to say about that? 🙂

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