Joey Jordison Breaks Ankle

And all this time we thought Jordison was a superbionic drum god. It appears, however, that his ankles are mortal enough because he broke one of them in Europe. As a result, Slipknot has had to cancel their slots at the Leeds and Reading festivals, as well as their remaining European dates. Expect riots and the maggot uprising to ensue. There’s just enough time to watch a few Jordison licks in the studio.

19 responses to “Joey Jordison Breaks Ankle”

  1. I’m pissed! Why did they cancel the tour….they didn’t even ask me to fill in. I could have been somebody….I could have been a contender!

  2. Actually…I think they called Thomas Lang to fill in but he said the double bass work wasn’t challenging enough 🙂

  3. @Damian: lol!

  4. all hope is gona 4 joey
    all hope is gona slipknot
    all hope is gone 4 fans (maggots)

  5. how the hell did he break his ankle in the first place?

  6. That’s the big question. Management isn’t telling us yet.

  7. hey, are u kidding? slipknot without JOEY??!!!!
    are u nuts? no way, there is no slipknot without JOEY JORDISON.
    i just hope he gets better… i wish a was there with him… – -,

  8. Belmin Serdarevic Avatar
    Belmin Serdarevic

    Now please read this….I’m 14 and I go to school with Michel Shawn Crahan and he is my BEST FRIEND…Son of clwon btw and waht happened was Shawn Crahan gave permission for joey to beat the shit out of Gage (michel) if he got on his nerves so joey started to attack gage and got his anlke broken in a fight….im not lying i swear thi is the truth the reason managment wont tell you is because a 15 year old broke joeys foot…..thats not good for the media ya know?

  9. Hmm…I think we’ll leave that one for a future Snopes entry.

  10. Belmin Serdarevic i really doubt that what your saying is true. 1. i dnt think Joey would start on a 15 year old 2. if he did start on him he’d probably kick his arse

  11. cassandra Avatar

    OMG! Joey is the best drummer EVER!!!
    Slipknot is not the same without him!!!!

  12. cassandra Avatar

    no i seriously don’t think a 15 year old broke Joey’s ankle.
    that is BS…… that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard!!!!!

  13. angginatama Avatar

    i think it’s because of his excessive bass drum playing.
    y’know, over the years with the bunch of tours.
    humans also have limits

  14. Joey broke his ankle wearing elevator shoes, duh! He’s a very little man.

  15. Joey broke his ankle, whilst doing the 360 trick on the drum lift, where it goes up and spins completely around. Something wasnt done up tight enough slipped breaking his ankle. Well so roumers say anyway.
    The whole kid thing is bullshit to be honest!
    People really need to get a grip, Slipknot dont want to play without joey, like when Clown had to go back to Iowa for emergency dentistry they didnt replace him. They wont replace joey, and they cant play without him as he is THE main part of the music (not including vocals) as he lays the whole beat, rythem and just holds the music together, without a drummer the band is well… not very good that goes for all bands!

  16. ok… first off I understand that there is a possibility that a kid broke his ankle (with an aluminum baseball bat) but I don’t think joey is lame enough to get in a fight with a 15 year old kid and if he did, well that was his dumbass fault for trying to fight the kid of the most insane, scary guy in Slipknot…. ok… though I will admit that the 360 drum thing is a lot more believable, you can’t rule out the many possibilities of what could have happened. For all we know he could have been drunk and fell off of something high (didn’t have to be too high…lol…j/k…I’m 5’2″ myself….making fun of short people is mean don’t do it) and just doen’t want anyone to know because it’s fuckin’ embarassing, and had management lie about it. Like I said, just don’t rule out the posdibilities people.

  17. joey-jordison666 Avatar

    with out joey slipknot r over

  18. listen! joey is so fukin hot . hes still hot wit a broken ankle! and he doesnt wear elevator shoes,bitches!

  19. you guys are fucking nuts. Like joey would really care about falling off even a foot tall crate. joey’s a real mutha fucka he doesn’t get embarassed by this stupid shit. the kid’s story i don’t believe.
    the fucker was probably shit faced and cant remeber a damn thing. just woke up with a broken leg.
    +cennet, i fuckin agree. he’s the sexiest mutha fucka alive!!

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