Keith Moon’s Greatest TV Hits

Well, it’s actually The Who’s greatest TV hits, but Moonie features in most of them. Our favorite is definitely the band’s legendary appearance on the Smothers Brothers Show in 1967:

Unbeknown to anyone, Keith Moon had bribed a stage-hand with alcohol to pack his bass drum with a surfeit of explosives. As the band ended My Generation with their trademark stage-destruction, the cameras were momentarily blinded by the blast. As the smoke cleared, Moon lay on the floor, his arm sliced open by cymbal shrapnel, Townshend’s hair was on fire and, it is said, his hearing damaged for ever. Waiting in the studio’s wings, Bette Davis fainted in Mickey Rooney’s arms. Naturally, the band was banned from further US shows.

Now, that is rock and fuckin’ roll.

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