Kevin Pereira Plays Drums With Coheed and Cambria

And it’s all thanks to Rock Band.

For those of you not familiar with the “cable television darling,” Pereira is the cohost of Attack of the Show and apparently a rabid Coheed fan (who isn’t really?). He wrote a piece about how playing Rock Band can actually make the gamer a real drummer and got the chance to put his skills to the test by playing with C&C. Check out his tale here, along with a video segment of his performance [Update 2022: doesn’t appear that Pereira’s blog is up any longer]. Chris Pennie comes on camera about two minutes in. Love his face when Pereira pretty much pulls off the triplets.

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    cody harnett


  2. Umm…no. Who is Tyler Papps? He sounds like a pirate.

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