Lars Ulrich Vidcast

Headbanger’s Ball turns 20 years old, and we get the present: a 14-minute vid interview with his Larsness. He chats a little bit about the Ball, how the video for “One” introduced the MTV generation to Metallica, and (of course) the pretty positive critical reception to the band’s latest album. Money quote: “I’m psyched that people give a shit.”

[Update 2022: Balls. As in nut sack. The vid no longer exists on MTV’s site.]

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  1. I’m truly happy for Lars and his bandmates. What a fantastic ride of success they’ve had, but my God…could he lack any more inspiration on the drums these days? I’m not a big fan (obviously), and Lars didn’t make me any more of one with his big stand against Napster. I understand he’s now embracing the digital revolution. Ha! He’s a blessed man, but not the most exciting musician, in my humble opinion. Despite my opinion, I’m sure his bank is considerably fatter than mine. Rock on Lars.

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