Mapex’s Black Panther Mayan Special-Edition Snare

Sweet bloody Jesus, looking at this new snare from Mapex is better than taking Viagra.

[Press Release]

Mapex USA has introduced a Special-Edition Black Panther Mayan-themed snare drum. The 14″ x 5.5″ steel-shelled snare drum is embossed with genuine eagle/human mask art that is highlighted with a beautiful brushed bronze finish.

The shell’s bearing edge is rounded on the batter side for greater head-to-shell contact. Die cast hoops were also chosen for this model, resulting in a drum with extra sensitivity and tremendous projection.

The Black Panther Mayan snare also features black-plated hardware that has been brushed with bronze. A special Black Panther badge was created for this model, and the batter head also features a traditional Mayan-themed pattern on a Remo Fiberskin head.

The Mapex Black Panther Mayan snare (BPST455MA) includes a deluxe Black Panther padded carrying bag and carries an MSRP of $623.99.

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