Mikkey Dee Was Naked…

Oh, sweet lady Absinthe, wrecker of brains and livers, what did Mikkey Dee ever do to deserve the likes of you?

While in Prague, the Motorhead drummer took a couple shots of the toxic green booze, and by evening’s end he was naked in some other dude’s bathroom. His confession:

I woke up…with a man screaming at me. I had been sleepwalking, walked into someone else’s bathroom and fallen asleep. I ran out and discovered that I was naked and without my room key. I had to take the elevator, an elevator made out of glass, down to the hotel reception.

Awesomely good times. If your cable company happens to offer the show Extra Extra! on Sweden’s TV3, you can watch Dee tell the tale himself. Let us know if strapping metal drummers blush.

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