Muxtape Is Down…

But hopefully not down for the count. The RIAA has finally flexed its enormous lawyer muscles by demanding that the music site remove copyrighted content or begin paying royalties for streaming songs—not a likely resolution because the RIAA charges an exorbitant amount of cash for the privilege. For its part, Muxtape has said, “No artists or labels have complained. The site is not closed indefinitely. Stay tuned.”

We’ll keep our sticks crossed that everything works out (hope springs eternal, eh?), but in the meantime we’ll be checking out some other services to bring you great drumming tracks. If you use anything, drop us a recommendation in the comments.

[Update 2022: Muxtape was a great site that allowed bands and listeners to create “mixtapes” with a limited number of songs that could be streamed directly from Muxtape’s site. It was kind of like a custom Spotify way before Spotify existed.]

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  1. RIAA bastards! I’ll have them know I bought 5 cds because of the listening to one muxtape.
    Open source..make your own muxtape clone for your website:

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