Muxtape of the Month: August 2008

It’s not quite August yet, but we couldn’t wait to get up our new Muxtape for your listening pleasure. It includes some of the best drumtastic tunes we’ve been jamming lately, as well as some miscellaneous songs that simply make us want to run naked through laundromats (always the litmus test for aural pleasure, eh?). A Muxtape is FREE to make or listen to, but it’s limited to 12 tracks, so we’ll be changing them throughout the month to feature new music. Here’s what’s playing now:

August Muxtape

  1. Our favorite new drum song is “If You Fear Dying” from Jon Theodore’s new band, One Day As a Lion.
  2. Stanton Moore’s “(Late Night at the) Maple Leaf”. The groove is ridiculously great, and the drum breaks starting around 3:55 are HOT.
  3. Steve Gadd doing downtempo with Sunlightsquare. Very chill.
  4. “Graveyard Girl” from M83. We love the rawness of the drumming.
  5. “Improv Jam” from Pnuma Trio features great live electronica drumming. Stupid good.
  6. Tower of Power…don’t got to say anything else.
  7. When Buddy Miles played his last paradiddle a few months ago, we were shamefully unfamiliar with his work. That’s no longer the case because Brandi has been playing “Spot on the Wall” nonstop.
  8. This Keller Williams tune doesn’t have a lick of drums, but his guitar playing is wonderfully percussive. Plus the lyrics are funny as fuck.

Updated Muxtape as of 8/10/08:

  1. Wally Schnalle, “I Hear You”
  2. Josh Dion Band, “Bedroom Eyes”
  3. One Day As a Lion, “If You Fear Dying”
  4. Stanton Moore, “(Late Night at the) Maple Leaf”
  5. Sunlight Square, “From the Cosmos”
  6. M8, “Graveyard Girl”
  7. Pnuma Trio, “Improv Jam”
  8. Tower of Power, “Can’t You See (You Doin’ Me Wrong)”
  9. Buddy Miles Express, “Spot on the Wall”
  10. Keller Williams, “Restraint”

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  1. I’m glad you finally got a MuxTape up. I love that site. I have a couple of my own here:

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