Oasis Pick New Drummer

Well, Zak Starkey is definitely not manning the Oasis throne any longer (though we still don’t know if he was booted or jumped off), and the brothers Gallagher have wasted no time in announcing a replacement—Chris Sharrock.

…Who the hell is he? Sharrock is none other than the drummer who until a few days ago had spent over a decade backing up Robbie Williams.
And just who the hell is Robbie Williams? He’s that Brit dude who did “Angels” way back in 1997 and still makes a good number of 30-something Continental hotties swoon.

Because Oasis still makes only a small number of 30-something music geeks swoon, we’re not terribly sure Sharrock made the right decision.
(A side note more interesting than the actual news item: swiping Sharrock is apparently quite a catty coup for Noel Gallagher, who once called Williams “the fat dancer from Take That.”)

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  1. Wattsie Avatar

    I have NO doubt in my mind that Zak walked after a few choice words- (maybe even a few punches) It wouldn’t surprise me if he got fed up with Noel trying to tell him how to drum – now that Noel has been playing drums for Weller.( ha ha ha) He probably fancies himself as an expert! – Their loss and certainly not Zak’s! Good luck to Sharrock as he’s going to need it!

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