Real Kick Pedal Mod for Rock Band

Finally, finally, finally, it has been done—a bona fide kick mod for Rock Band. It’s called the Omega pedal, and it’ll be manufactured by Steradian Technologies, a company heretofore known for “professional grade” laser tag gear. $74.95 gets you what looks to be a tricked out Pearl P-120P (which in its original incarnation can be had from Amazon for 50 bucks). The website says the e-stomper is scheduled for a March release, so assuming Pearl’s lawyers don’t get involved, we got only two weeks to go.

[Update: The site is also peddling the Twin Rocker ($24.95), an attachment that allows for Rock Band double kicking. Full review after we’ve had time to change our shorts.]

[Update 2022: We never got around to reviewing this thing, but Ars Technica did way back in 2008.]

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