Rikki Rockett Busted on a Rape Warrant

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett was arrested Monday at LAX on a “strong-arm rape warrant” issued from Mississippi (oh, how we hope it didn’t involve a pig). Details are completely nonexistent at the moment, but it appears Rockett was released and is a free man as of today.

[Update: The rape allegedly occurred on September 23, 2007, at a casino in Mississippi. No pigs were involved.]

[Update: Rockett was released Tuesday morning after his arrest. The alleged rape occurred at the Silver Star Casino. According to the complaint filed, “The subject, Rikki Rockett, forcibly had sex with an adult in one of the hotel rooms.” Prosecutors in Mississippi are still deciding whether to extradite the drummer.]

[Update 5/10/08: Ah, it was only a matter of time. The celeb-hunting journos at TMZ finally got a comment from Rikki Rockett about the alleged rape: “We’re doing a press conference next week—this whole thing will be over. And it’ll be the end of it.” Rockett goes on to say that he doesn’t even know his accuser. See the 49-second video here.]

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