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The dudes over at are getting ready to launch Sick Drummer Magazine. The premier issue will be a digital offering (available as a PDF or possibly a Flash-based site) and will feature some serious shredders—Derek Roddy, Bobby Jarzombek, and Chris Pennie (among lots of others). Check it out on July 1.

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  1. interesting…some of the typography looks like they “borrowed” the style from DRUM! Magazine.

  2. yeah, i’m sure that’s just a “coincidence”. 😉

  3. Hello,
    While I appreciate you making comments, I feel the need to “clarify” something… Our designer has done work for many high level clients, including Adam Sandler, Red Bull, Denver Museum and many more. In case you haven’t noticed, many graphics today are similar in their appearance, it’s just what is current.
    Our magazine aims to be one of a kind, as far as content and graphics are concerned. So, while it may appear to be “borrowed” from another magazine… I can assure you it’s quite the opposite. We do not borrow and will be purposely designing our mag to appear unlike any other magazine….
    not to mention, I don’t see the similarity? Maybe some of the graphics on their website appear in the same “color” or style, but not the typography… What are you referencing?
    Hope you like it…
    Ian Macdonald

  4. Hi Ian,

    The design is cool and I’m definitely not debating that. I am also a designer as well as a musician, so I would say it is difficult to be unique.

    I am a fan of stencil fonts and I don’t at all discourage the use of them, but one of DRUM!’s primary fonts is very similar to the one on your front cover. There was a double bass issue a while back with Tommy Lee on the cover that had a lot of stencil art with skulls. It reminded me of that design. They primarily use their stencil font in their features, but generally not on the cover. It probably is just a coincidence.

    There’s a few example’s here of what I was referring to:

    I’ve only seen the cover of this magazine, so I was only noting some likeness in the design. It’s hard for me, as a designer to not compare visuals things or keep an eye out for trends. Likeness to something that is cool I don’t think is a negative thing 😉

    There are other magazines about drums, so I don’t think it’s possible to be “one of a kind”. But in saying that…great writing, good photography/design is plenty enough to make me a reader. I’ll definitely check it out. Good luck with the launch.


  5. Leslie,
    Very well put… Thanks, I hope to talk with you again..

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