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  • Adam Ficek Can Sing

    Looks like Babyshambles basher Adam Ficek has got himself a side project called Roses, Kings, Castles. There are a couple acoustic tracks up on the band’s Myspace page (all instruments and vocals apparently performed by Ficek himself), and they have a kind of undeniable, degenerate charm.

    But probably not enough charm to bed a Kate Moss.

  • Babyshambles Drummer Sounds Like a Wuss

    And no, we’re not talking about his playing (which is pretty solid in that rock-n-roll-sloppy kind of way). Adam Ficek, basher for the Brit band Babyshambles, says that Kate Moss had a negative effect on his group’s music. He’s referring, of course, to Moss’ relationship with Babyshambles’ lead singer and lead degenerate, Pete Doherty. The two have spent most of the last couple of years keeping England’s dealers in gold teeth and matching Jaguars, and it was difficult for Doherty to get any quality work done–what with all the court hearings, rehab stays, and the inevitable (and much photographed) drug binges. That is a legitimate complaint. But Ficek just sounds like he’s upset that it was yet again a lead singer who managed to get all squelchy with a supermodel:

    “Kate was detrimental to the band. It was all about the lead singer and his girlfriend, not about the rest of the band.”

    Oh well. If all we got to bang was our kit, we’d probably be jealous too.