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  • Dylan O’Brien Plays Drums

    Carrie Underwood playing drums wasn’t totally surprising, but we had no idea that Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien plays too. You can hear him on the track “Snow on the Beach” from Taylor Swift’s latest album, Midnights.

    Update October 26, 2022: Taylor Swift herself added some more info during her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She said that “Dylan was just hanging out, drinking wine with us and listening to us. He wasn’t serious. And so we were just sort of like, ‘Oh, we haven’t recorded the drums for this one yet…’ And he just played the drums on the song. Sometimes it just happens like that.”

  • Custom Drum Tracks Recorded by Dave Weckl and Russ Miller

    The economy is tanking, the music industry of yesteryear is finally gasping its last breath, and recording studios worldwide are on life support, but that doesn’t mean that enterprising drummers won’t find a way to keep working. Mix has published two great articles that detail how Dave Weckl and Russ Miller have each created a new-school business model for drummers by recording custom tracks from their home studios. If you’re at all interested in being a session drummer, be sure to read these pieces to learn what a “session” is fast becoming.