Custom Drum Tracks Recorded by Dave Weckl and Russ Miller

The economy is tanking, the music industry of yesteryear is finally gasping its last breath, and recording studios worldwide are on life support, but that doesn’t mean that enterprising drummers won’t find a way to keep working. Mix has published two great articles that detail how Dave Weckl and Russ Miller have each created a new-school business model for drummers by recording custom tracks from their home studios. If you’re at all interested in being a session drummer, be sure to read these pieces to learn what a “session” is fast becoming.

2 responses to “Custom Drum Tracks Recorded by Dave Weckl and Russ Miller”

  1. Not really anything new … I’ve been tracking drums and percussion in my home studio for people around the world for over a decade. But then again, I’m not Dave Weckl or Russ Miller.

  2. No, not new in the sense that drummers are technologically able to track in their home studios, which many drummers have been doing since the ’90s. What is new is how accepted home-based tracking for drums is becoming. The notion of what constitutes a “professional” session has changed to such a degree that recording in a traditional studio may become a thing of the past much sooner than later. It’s an incredible paradigm shift.

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