Taye’s New StudioBirch Drums

Taye Drums is introducing an all-new line of drums called StudioBirch. It features (as you will have quickly deduced from the name) seven plies of 100% premium-selected birch shells. Along with its patented EFS™ shell technology that brings attack, warmth, and a full tuning range, Taye is offering three new colors in the line: Natural to Black Burst (NBB), Galaxy Ice (GI), and Autumn Red (AR).

The new release of StudioBirch also brings about new bass drum sizes that were previously special order only. You can get two different sizes of 24″ kick drums (18″ and 16″ depths) and three different 22″ kick drums (20″, 18″, and 16″ depths). Buy one of each and make Terry Bozzio jealous.

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