Traci Michaelz Is Dead

Drummer Traci Michaelz of glam-prunk outfit The Peppermint Creeps is no more. Last Friday (June 13), he was found dead in his Texas hotel room under “mysterious circumstances.” Official cause of demise will take a couple of weeks to determine, but Michaelz reportedly went to bed very drunk the night before his body was discovered. As always, we’ll keep you updated as the details become available.

One response to “Traci Michaelz Is Dead”

  1. NoBloodOnMyHands Avatar

    i seriously doubt the truth will ever be told.
    lets just say, if someone is throwing up blood (i.e. bleeding out as the doctors call it) you really SHOULDNT put them to bed.
    id say a 911 call or car ride to the ER would have been the proper thing to do.

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