TRX’s LTD Cymbals

TRX crept onto the scene a few years ago with fistfuls of Turkish-influenced, acronym-laden cymbals—the BRT, ALT, DRK, and MDM series. Because having four forgettable three-letter designations is clearly not enough, the company has now introduced a fifth, the LTD line. It includes 20″ and 18″ crash-rides as well as a pair of 14″ hi-hats.

So far, so boring. But here is where TRX’s shite gets interesting: an LTD cymbal features three finishes, a different one for the outer edge, the bow, and the bell. According to the press release (more or less), this tri-finish process apparently produces a crash sound that is more crash-y and a ride sound that is more ride-y than ever before heard from a dual-purpose cymbal. Plus, they look pretty damn cool.

[via Music Radar]

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  1. I have that drum kit, it’s an RMV made of Bapeva (Brazilian maple). Unfortunately the brand is no longer distributed in th US. Which is crazy since I’m sure those kits would fly (great quality /look and very reasonable prices).

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