Yamaha Absolute Series Drums Adopt New Features

[Press Release]

Onstage and in the studio, the Yamaha Absolute series drum sets offer professional quality sound and exclusive new features. At Winter NAMM 2009, Yamaha will introduce a new Absolute series with several features and options.

Yamaha’s new YESS mounting system for the tom-toms, which debuted on the PHX series in 2008, now comes standard on the Absolute series and uses a chrome-plated steel mounting plate. Drummers can also choose the new hook lug as an option and can order a 20″-deep bass drum in the 22″-diameter size shell.

“The innovative new hook lug and redesigned YESS mount continue a long tradition at Yamaha Drums of taking key features and adapting them to other drum lines,” says Dave Jewell, marketing manager for Yamaha Drums. “Now, these improvements are available to a wider range of drummers.”

The YESS mount enhances sustain by shock-mounting the toms with dense rubber spacers between the shell and the mounting plate. The deeper bass drum provides a bigger sound by pushing more air without having to resort to a 24″-diameter drum. The hook lug makes changing heads much easier and increases the drum’s tuning range.

“The new hook lug takes the advantages of the Nouveau lug and makes it better, while the new design of the YESS mount increases the drums’ sustain and adds clarity to the tone,” says Jim Haler, product manager for Yamaha Drums.

The kits come in several exciting colors, including Burgundy (first pic below), Caramel Sparkle, Blue Ice Sparkle, Deep Blue, Luminous White Sparkle (which glows in the dark and you can check out in the second pic below), Solid Silver, and White Grape Sparkle.

The Absolute series of drums, available in birch or maple, is expected to ship in July 2009.

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