Big Drum Thump Blips

Though we haven’t quite recovered from Muxtape’s unfortunate demise, it was getting to be time to pull our shit together and stop rocking to sleep in the bathtub. We looked at quite a few services that would allow us to stream full songs without getting sued (or at least without getting aggressively sued) and went with the seriously awesome, a kind of Twitter/Muxtape hybrid. Check out our station here, and if you create one of your own, be sure to friend us up.

2 responses to “Big Drum Thump Blips”

  1. great station, you moved you shit in a really good service. seems even better than muxtape.
    i’ve subscribed too, i wanna find out how aggressively i can be sued 🙂
    thanks for telling us

  2. Cool! Send us your DJ name, and we’ll add you to our favorites.

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