Hear Drums With New Audio Format

Ever wish you could just turn down the other instruments in “A Love Supreme” to figure out what the hell Elvin is doing? You’ll get your chance if the MT9 format, also called “Music 2.0,” is embraced as the new digital-audio standard.

An MT9 music file includes a six-channel audio equalizer, with each channel dedicated to one of the following: voice, chorus, piano, guitar, bass, or drums. Isolating a drum part will thus be as easy as sliding a fader up or down in the digital music player (see photo below). Right now, only a few albums have been recorded in the format (and getting hold of them looks to be friggin’ impossible unless you got buddies with some Korean currency), but Samsung and LG are apparently interested in equipping their mobile phones with an MT9 player next year. Keep your sticks crossed for international development and adoption to follow.

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